Dangerous jobs often come with more than just bragging rights. Jobs that are specialized, requiring specific training, years of experience, and a certain knack for throwing caution to the wind are admirable because they’re so exotic and dangerous. There’s no sitting behind a desk pushing pencils and yawning at 2 pm when one of these dangerous jobs are your career. These jobs require a level head, constant training, and the knowledge that danger is simply part of the job description. 

Part of how these jobs are compensated is through pay. Dangerous, specialized, high demand jobs allow the professionals that fill these roles to make a significant amount of money based on the risks and expertise needed to get the job done. Whether it’s working as a public servant, serving in the military, being part of a commercial dive team, working in Hollywood and entertainment, or working to save lives every day, these career paths are mentally and physically demanding. When working in these fields, a work hard, play hard mentality is crucial to saving one’s sanity. Keeping up with the pace of work can mean the difference between staying safe or even dying. 

While the exact pay amount can fluctuate based on where the job is located, whether or not the job is per diem, or how specialized a professional is, each of these ten dangerous jobs offers a killer paycheck to go along with the brag-worthy title. 

10. Police Officer


Working as a police officer is grueling work. You are dealing with the public on a minute to minute basis, and you never know what to expect when you encounter a civilian. While many people are kind and respectful towards police officers, others have a more hostile, agitated approach to anyone wearing a badge.

Earning good money as a law enforcement officer may take years to achieve, but the pay off for the years of service to the community and the experience gained is well worth the hardships it takes to advance in rank and pay. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the average pay for a police officer was $56,980 per year. This may not be a grand amount of money, but for a median pay it’s decent considering the risks and education level needed to work in the field. The high end of a police officer’s pay was projected at $70,000 per year. They can make over $100,000 per year if they serve in a high ranking position, such as a police Major.