You feel boring with a nine-to-five office jobs.  You spend more time at work than with your family or friends. That is likely why you are looking for interesting jobs that helps you make loads of money. Luckily, after reading the list of 20 jobs below, you will find your dream and high-paying jobs and then “you will never work a day in your life

  1. Food stylist


  • Annual median salary: $77,000
  • Job description: Develop new recipes and create a recipe database for social media account or other advertising purposes
  • Requirement
  • A strong background with food or styling
  • Creativity and excellent communication skills.
  1. Ethical hacker


  • Annual median salary: $100,000 to $140,000
  • Job description: Be employed to protect networks and computers from unethical hackers.
  • Requirements:
  • A barchelor’s degree in IT or advanced diploma in network security.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skill.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, Comp TIA.
  1. DisneyLand Face Character
  • Annual median salary: $32000
  • Job description: Bring Disney Characters to life and become a star while creating Disney magic for everyone.
  • Requirements:
  • The right height, size and look.
  • Passionate in performing and willing to interact with guests.
  • Patient and be good with children.


  1. Sommeliers
  • Annual median salary: From $40,000 (for entry-level sommeliers) to $150,000 (for highly experienced and knowledgable sommeliers).
  • Job description:
  • Advising the patrons about their taste, the food and wine pairing, the occasion or the budget.
  • Building and maintaining a wine list.
  • Traveling to broaden understandibility of wine making process.
  • Requirements:
  • Indepth knowledge and a great understanding of wine.
  • Communication skill.


  1. Food critic
  • Annual median pay: $47,000
  • Job descrition: 
  • To evaluate the food served through consideration the prsentation, tastes and cost of foods.
  • To write about their dining experiences and grade the restaurant based on those experiences.
  • Requirements:
  • Barchelor’s degree of food critic.
  • Experience in restaurant.
  • Profound knowledge in food and tastes.
  • Excellent communication (writing skill).
  • Attention to details.


  1. Race Engineer
  • Annual median pay: $134,000
  • Job description: Connecting the race car and the drivers to achieve maximum performance.
  • Requirements:
  • Mathematics and Physics degree.
  • Ability to work under pressurer.
  • Good knowledge and experience of the racing industry.


  1. Social Media Professional
  • Annual median salary: From $55,000 to $83,000 a year (base on experience and responsibility).
  • Job descriptions: 
  • To build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. 
  • To developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between consumers and the company. 
  • To collect and review social media data to develop more effective campaigns.
  • Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Deep knowledge of social media.


  1. Fortune Cookie Writer
  • Annual median salary: Up to $70,000
  • Job description: Writing the Messages in the cookies.
  • Requirements:
  • Creative and enormours writing ability
  • Theoritical and motivational.


  1. Ice Cream Taster
  • Annual median salary: $60,000
  • Job description: evaluating ice cream through texture, smell, consistency and a wide range of other elements.
  • Requirements:
  • A university degree on food science (dairy), business (product development) or chemistry.
  • Passion for ice cream.
  • Strong immune system.


  1. Radio and television announcement
  • Annual median salary: around $45,000
  • Job description: 
  • Speak or read from scripted materials. 
  • Interview and discuss with show guests about their lives, their work, or topics of current interest.
  • Requirements:
  • Broadcasting degrees
  • Specialized knowledge in sport, music, weather and general social knowledge.
  • Good Interpersonal skill and ability to work under pressure.


  1. Hollywood Stunt Person
  • Annual median salary: Up to $100,000, base on the movie, experience and nature of stunts.
  • Job description:  to perform stunts in place of actors (figh scenes, car chases ai crashes, falling from the  building) without causing injury.
  • Requirment: 
  • Being a union member of either the Screen Actors Guild or the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.
  • Having experiences in extreme sports and strong physical fitness.


  1. Blim Pilot
  • Annual median salary: $70,000
  • Job descriptions: Spend all day – time to fly with blim.
  • Requirements:
  • Having above 1200 hours of fight experience.
  • Owning commercial pilot’s license.
  • Having special FAA- issued ratings.


  1. Video game designer
  • Annual median salary: $80,000 (depend on your experience)
  • Job description:
  • To design games for a variety of formats, such as consoles, wireless applications, the internet and mobile phones. 
  • To decide both the overall design and specialized aspect of the design, such as the story line, characters or layout. 
  • Requirements:
  • Barchelor degree in video game design or IT
  • A passion for video game.
  • Creativity.
  • Good team wroking.
  • Artistic mindset.


  1. Unexploded Ordannce Technician
  • Annual median salary: Vary by companies but quite high.
  • Job description: Perform UXO detection, identification and clearance operations.
  • Requirements: Professional unexploded ordance degree.


  1. Ferrari Driving Instructor
  • Annual median salary: From $90,000 to $120,000
  • Job description: Driving Ferrari and giving comprehensive underatanding of sport driving techniques for driving course’s participants 
  • Requirement: Strong experience in racing and professinal training program.


  1. Private Island Caretaker
  • Annual median payment: Up to $100,000.
  • Job description: 
  • Living on private island and maintaining structures that may be built in the space.
  • Preparing the island for the owner’s arrival.
  • Requirement:
  • Having a patient for working outdoor.
  • Having training in first aid.
  • Gardening and landscaping ability.
  • Having deep knowledge of island environment.


  1. Video Game Player
  • Annual median payment: $50,000 
  • Job description: Playing video game for long hours.
  • Requirement:
  • Be keen on and good at playing video game.
  • Having at least barchelor degree of IT and knowledge of programming principles and tecnichque.


  1. Voice actor
  • Annual payment: Up to $80,000 (base on your experience)
  • Job description: Completing voice-overs for commercial and movie trailers or playing character in animated film.
  • Job requirement: Outgoing voice and good control of voice.
  1. Crossword Puzzle Writer
  • Annual payment: $70,000
  • Job description: To create interesting puzzle in a timely fashion.
  • Requirement: 
  • Wide-ranging of vocalbulary.
  • Creativity.


  1. Toy designers
  • Annual median payment: $70,000
  • Job description: 
  • Preparing detailed drawings, ideas, illustrations etc by utlizing drafting instruments and computer designing software.
  • Evaluating the design ideas through consideration of safety, appearence, cost, etc.
  • Job requirement:
  • Bachelor’s degree in designing and any other relevent field.
  • Creativity and technical skill.
  • Passion in toys and real love for children.