There are tons of world famous celebs out there who many people would deem to be hot as hell, celebs who have blossomed during their time in the limelight, as actresses, singers, models, and who have been ranked as some of the hottest women in the word. There are also women who are at the top of their various professions, whether in show business as celebrities, or as businesswomen themselves, and have acquired quite a decent sum of wealth over the years. Some women are lucky enough to have both – blessed with beauty and the brains to ensure their bank balances are always looking healthy – but very few are quite as fortunate as these rich beauties. These women are members of a prestigious group; women who are rich, not just rich, but super wealthy, and are supremely beautiful. More often than not, when talking about celebs or powerful figures, we’re talking about their earnings in the millions, but not this time. This time I’m going to be talking about their bank balances in the billions; yes, these are some of the wealthiest women – people in general – on the planet. Some are rich because of their families, others have made their fortunes themselves.

This is the ultimate combo, and this article’s about women who have it all, the riches – some of them have a lot of fame – and the looks. These 15 billionaires are real head-turners and are renowned for their beauty as much as for their bank balances. So, here they are, the 15 hottest billionaires on the planet.

15. Marie Besnier Beauvalot

Marie Besnier Beauvalot is in her mid-30s now, and she’s certainly enjoyed a very privileged 35 years. Marie’s one person who was born wealthy – she has her dad and grandad to thank for giving her the means to lead the type of glamorous lifestyle she leads.

Her grandad started it all off. André Besnier was the founder of the Besnier Group, which is today known as Lactalis. Due to the family’s wealth, you’d think that Lactalis is a major banking corporation or something along those lines, right? Well, it’s actually a dairy production company; yes, the French family became world famous and earned their billions by producing and selling dairy products.

Initially, the company started out as a cheese-making company, but the Besniers then branched out, around the time Marie’s dad got involved. In 2000, Marie, along with her brothers, inherited the whole company, thus making her estimated worth US$2.5 billion.

The billionaire heiress is also absolutely stunning; look at her and you’d mistake her for an actress or model of some sort.