With the world becoming more computerized, it’s difficult not to see the bad with the good in regards to jobs. While everyone can look back on renting videos from Blockbuster with a feeling of heartfelt nostalgia, it’s definitely much more convenient to rent the video straight from your Netflix account or through an OnDemand service. These little conveniences that have been added to daily life may be a great addition, but it’s also a bit disturbing when you think about all of the jobs that were taken away in the process. From the store managers to the clerks to those involved in providing the Hollywood display décor, this advancement in technology put a great deal of people out of work.

The world is only getting even more dependent on computerized aspects of daily life, and companies are already thinking about the next big thing to revolutionize certain businesses. It’s exciting to think about all the new concepts that will come to fruition, especially since the world is always looking at The Jetsons in the hopes that one day we will finally feel like we’re living in the age of science and technology. Although we aren’t at the point where everyone has their own spaceship, there are other advancements that are already in the works for the near future. While they will undoubtedly come up with some great new inventions to put us one step closer to The Jetsons, there will inevitably be a number of professions that will be affected by these advancements as well. Check out our list of the 15 jobs that computers will take over by the year 2030, and see whether or not your position is in danger of being taken over due to advanced technology.

15. Photograph Process Workers

Photography has advanced by leaps and bounds due to computer technology. From Polaroids to wind-up cameras to digital marvels, nowadays the cameras featured on smartphones are the go-to camera that everyone uses for casual photos. Gone are the days where you would take rolls of film to be developed at the one-hour photo kiosk since everything has been digitalized. The fact that there are no longer spools of film to be developed has paved the way for photo kiosks to do all the work in developing photos. Yet, more advanced printers have also been introduced to allow people to print their own photos at home. On top of this, photo creation sites like Shutterfly allow people to do more advanced printing without the help of any photograph process workers. People can make customized photo products, scrapbooks, or any variety of different photo gifts with the convenience from their home computer. In the future, more and more advanced photo processing services will ensure service workers will no longer be needed.

14. Nutritionist

When it comes to eating healthy, the ultimate help a person can have is a nutritionist at their beck and call. Actors, music artists, professional athletes, and anyone with the right amount of money can seek out a nutritionist to help them maintain a healthy diet. This is actually a pretty prestigious career for some, especially if they are able to pull double duty as a personal trainer or dietician. Yet, the advancements in computer technology with apps will undoubtedly change the need to have an actual person to take on that position. There are already nutrition apps that fulfill the same duties as a nutritionist, including making up grocery lists and providing recipes for daily consumption. By the year 2030, the apps regarding nutrition will undoubtedly be even more advanced, and thus the need for this position will be obsolete. Why would someone want to hire a nutritionist when they could get all the same tips and motivation through their handheld electronic device?