At this time, it must be pretty stressful to be a fact checker for politicians. Among President Obama’s State of the Union and all the Democratic and Republican speeches going on during this primary season, a lot of “facts” with dubious origin are being bandied around.  Donald Trump by himself probably gives at least one person a career, constantly sifting through his closed-minded comments looking for actual facts to dispute.  The good news for these fact checkers is the political primaries will soon end, and then their lives will be a little easier.

A lot of us though, are stuck with the same level of stress in our jobs day in and day out, and for the most part we hopefully learn to deal with that stress in a way that leaves us mostly sane and content.  Some jobs are obviously more stressful than others, and every year those jobs are analyzed.  It might be that our jobs put us in danger, make us wish we were paid a lot more money, or expose us to people we would rather not be exposed to. In 2016, though, new challenges will arise, causing stress levels to increase for some occupations and decrease for others.  This list will look at some jobs in the United States that will most likely be very stressful throughout 2016.

10. Social Worker


It takes a very brave soul to help people who resent being helped, but unfortunately many people who need help from social workers aren’t really receptive, especially when the social work has to do with people’s children.  Back in 2005, a Child Protective Service worker was attacked with a machete in Washington State when she tried to rescue three children from a neglectful father (the previously mentioned machete-wielding maniac).

Luckily that worker was rescued by a police officer who shot the assailant to death, but stories like this are not uncommon.  According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in every three social workers is attacked sometime during his or her career trying to help people in need.  It is easy to imagine how stressful this job is and with people getting more and more selfish every year, I don’t think being a social worker is going to get any less stressful any time soon.